Mortgage Protection

Our Broker Mortgage Protection Program contains two separate coverage features:
Mortgage Errors & Omissions/Impairment and Force Placed/Foreclosed Property.

Mortgage E&O covers the bank against errors and omissions related to the bank's handling of physical damage insurance and homeowners insurance covering the real property of borrowers.

Mortgage Impairment protects the bank when a mortgage becomes impaired (i.e. goes into default) and property insurance is uncollectable, insufficient, or nonexistent.

Force Placed/Foreclosed Property is a standalone, comprehensive program for foreclosed and force placed properties designed to insulate your P&C package from foreclosed property and liability losses while managing the insurance risk for the life cycle of a loan. REcover™, our internet-based reporting system, makes scheduling and tracking easy, minimizing administrative costs.

  Mortgage Protection Program Overview

  Mortgage E&O/Impairment Coverage Definitions

Coverage Summary Application
Mortgage E&O/Impairment
Force Placed/Foreclosed Properties   

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